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3 Online Slots for All Pizza Lovers

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If you are a lover of Italian food and games, you will certainly love these online slot machines for all pizza lovers. Below, you can read a review of some of these slot machines. All these games have a pizza theme. Their elements are ingredients like cheese, pepperoni, ham, bacon, and tomatoes, among others. Crazy […]


From China to Italy – The History of Pasta

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Pasta is one of those popular dishes that has its version in every country in the world. The name of the pasta is Italian and derives from the texture of the mixture of egg, water, and flour. Although pasta has a traditional Italian history, the reality is that it originates from another place. From a […]

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Minestrone 101 for Italian Food Lovers

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Minestrone is one of the typical Italian dishes. Its variety of flavours concentrated in a single dish has made more than one local and foreigner fall in love with Italian cuisine. There are more than ten different versions of the minestrone and the difference is that it depends on seasonal vegetables. The combination of parmesan […]